Nuffield International Triennial
Conference and Field Tours
3rd June - 15th June


Our 2017 International Conference is a unique occasion for UK and international businesses who wish to support British farming and have a visibility that stretches beyond our shores.

Become a Sponsor

We invite food and farming, rural and allied organisations to support and be associated with our 2017 International Triennial Conference.

On offer are a series of sponsorship packages aligned to a range of Triennial events and activities. They range from the Primary Sponsor provided with the greatest visibility opportunities and the highest profile, to an Associate Sponsor with the opportunity to support a part or parts of the Conference.

The main sponsorship categories are:

  • Primary Sponsor
  • Sector Sponsor
  • Day Sponsor
  • Conference Day Sponsor
  • Associate Sponsor

Why Become a Sponsor?

Our 2017 Nuffield International Conference provides a unique occasion:

  • For Britain to host farming delegates from around the globe and to share our farms, production systems, research and development, as well as our world-class quality foods, with the world.

  • For sponsors to engage with and gain exposure to the farming industry, farming leaders and key industry influencers from overseas and from across the UK.

  • For sponsors to demonstrate high-tech communications and promote your company message and brand - through web and mobile platforms, literature and stand space – to a global and UK farming audience.

  • For sponsors to encourage and support the involvement of younger overseas Scholars, young entrepreneurs and the next generation of Scholars.

  • For sponsors to ‘Back British Farmers’ to help showcase the very best of British agriculture, food and innovation and be actively involved in promoting Britain’s food and farming industry.

  • For sponsors to be associated with a progressive and high profile British event that has stories to tell about agriculture and food issues to decision makers and opinion leaders, including politicians, scientists, farmers and entrepreneurial farming, food and rural businesses.

  • For sponsors to tell stories about developments and innovations in their own business to delegates from across the UK and abroad.

  • To position Britain in the global agricultural economy with the potential to add value through boosting exports, developing lasting partnerships, attracting investment and influencing policy.

  • To both stimulate and help grow a global network of farmers and increase their knowledge of farming pactices and innovation in other countries.

For further information, or to receive a ‘Sponsorship Opportunities’ leaflet, please contact:

Tel: 01664 503211
Email: tevans@theandersonscentre.co.uk

Tel: 01664 503215
Email: ceggleston@theandersonscentre.co.uk