Nuffield International Triennial
Conference and Field Tours
3rd June - 15th June


A growing food culture is sweeping across Britain, with shoppers selecting foods as part of a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, the country is experiencing mounting public health problems, with high levels of obesity, diabetes and heart disease related to diet.

How farming, together with the food industry, can rise to the challenge of changing food and dietary requirements, and how farming’s voice can be heard, is the focus of our Nuffield Triennial Conference.

Our speakers include senior academic, public health and farming industry experts who will frame the growing problems and explore ways in which the food and farming sectors can play a part in healthy eating and improving public health.

Offering examples of new and innovative opportunities, our speakers also include food producers and retailers, from the UK and overseas, who have already responded to the challenge of changing consumer demands with new business ideas, products and retail practices.

The day-long programme concludes with an industry panel to explore and debate: “Adding value for the farmer through the health agenda”.

Attendees can expect to learn more about the developing food and drink trends, and gain a better understanding of how consumers' changing food and nutritional needs will impact on farming and the food industries, and how they might successfully tap into the shifting consumer demands.

They will also learn about how the food industry, health professionals and farmers might collaborate successfully to help deliver healthy food and a healthy diet for everyone.